C.B.C. Connection

Our C.B.C. Connection class provides insight and inspires devotion to the Lord by helping people understand the significance of living as a Christian, a Baptist, and a member of Cornerstone. You don’t have to be ready for membership to take this class, but it is part of the process of becoming a member at Cornerstone, which makes it necessary for membership. For membership related questions contact Pastor Dennis.

This class is offered the second Sunday morning of the month every other month, and meets in the sanctuary at 10:10am.

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Decision, C.B.C. Connection Class,

Pastor Meeting, Presented for Membership

The first three steps can be done in any order but must all be complete before being presented for membership.

  • Decision: The decision to join the church is typically expressed during the invitation of one of our services. This is the time to make decisions known to one of our counselors. Our church office will help you schedule a baptism if needed. 

  • C.B.C. Connection Class: Gain a unique perspective into who we are as Christians, Baptists, and Cornerstone. Sign up

  • Pastor Meeting: Meeting with a pastor offers the opportunity to begin an ongoing relationship with one another. Set a meeting

  • Presented for Membership: Membership is affirmed during one of our services after you have completed the previously mentioned three steps.


In 2015, our pastor preached a series of messages to clarify who we are as Cornerstone Baptist Church. He used our abbreviation C.B.C. to double as an acronym for the three foundations he preached: Christian, Baptist, and Cornerstone. These sermons are used as part of our C.B.C. Connection Class, which explains the foundations of our faith and what makes Cornerstone unique as she carries out

the mission of Jesus Christ.