God reveals Himself through His Word, by His Holy Spirit, and through His people. Each Sunday morning, we gather together in groups to seek the Lord through the power of His Word. As we seek Him, God reveals His love for us and teaches us how to live in relationship with Him and one another.

Each group's teacher usually selects their study material, but at certain times of the year our church collectively studies the same lessons based on what direction our pastor is leading us.


CLASS                             LEADER                     ROOM

7:45 AM                             

Coed Adults Open Age           Rob Melhem                         106/108

9;00 Am & 10:30 AM

Newborn - 5th Grade                                                          Children's Wing

Grades 6-12                                                                           Upstairs FLC

9:00 AM    


Coed Adults 20 - 40       Mike & Joann  Hampton             Modular A

Coed Adults 20-40                 Robbins/Pratt                        120/122

Coed 40-55                              Jolly/Griffith                          106/108

10:30 AM

Coed Adults                         Colbert/DiGiacomo                 Modular A

     (Parents of Young Children)                               

Coed Adults 40-55                       Strobel                               120/122

Coed Adults Open Age                Grasty                               Sanctuary


Coed Adults 50-65                 Hahn/Apple                    Conference Room

Coed Adults 50-65                 Riccio/Smith                           106/108

Coed Adults 50-65                  Mike Bullins                Sanctuary Overflow

Coed Adults 65+                       Handley                                      100

Coed Adults 65+                       Blackmon                                   102

Open Age Ladies                       Maness                                      132

Open Age Ladies                    Peggy Bouras                               114

Open Age Men                         Jeff Caudle                            Modular B

5:00 PM

Coed Adults                        Erick Byrd/Forest Sams                106/108

7:00 PM

Coed Adults 20's                     Hannah Spear                        Off Campus

Tuesday 8:15 PM

Open Age Adults                    Dennis Nealy                           Off Campus


Our church's Sunday Groups typically offer three different studies with various emphases. You can read a brief overview of each study below or click the photo's above to receive more detail on the publisher's page.


Theology: Some groups love studying theology so they understand a particular doctrine in light of the whole counsel of Scripture. The Gospel Project has theology as its starting point. It helps group members understand how a particular doctrine is threaded through the hundreds of stories in the Bible. It demonstrates how the Bible is one big story of God’s redemption of humanity through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

View The Gospel Project study plan!

Groups using The Gospel Project: Byrd/Sams


Text: Some groups prefer to study the text in its context so they can properly interpret it and apply it in their context today. Explore The Bible is a line of ongoing and short-term Bible studies with text as the starting point. The studies take a group through entire books of the Bible and focus on major themes and application. In book after book and passage after passage, men, women, boys, and girls, systematically explore their way through the books of the Bible.

View Explore The Bible's study plan!

Groups using Explore The Bible: Godat/Morris, Hampton, Hahn, Kress, Blackmon, Tomasek, Handley, Melhem, and Bullins


Life: Some groups prefer topical Bible studies. The group members place a high value on knowing God’s Word so they can apply it to their lives. Bible Studies For Life has a life starting point that guides the creation of those studies. Sessions are carefully crafted to address life issues group members regularly face. Bible Studies For Life uses five key discussion questions to guide the group experience and to create conversations among group members.

View Bible Studies For Life's study plan!

Group using Bible Studies For Life: Strobel

ADditional studies

Text: Some groups prefer studying the Biblical text with a teacher who leads exegetically through a book of the Bible.

Studying Exodus: Grasty

Studying Matthew: Riccio/Smith

Studying Jonah: Nealy

Studying Chronologically: Robbins/Pratt