410 Bridge - Kenya

Since 2014 Cornerstone has partnered with the 410bridge and the Ereri community of Kenya. As part of this partnership we have taken a mission trip to visit this community every other year starting in 2016. The 410bridge has a unique model for missions that helps the church partner with communities to empower them to see the gifts God has given them.

God has continued to do exciting things in Ereri, Kenya through the 410 Bridge and churches like Cornerstone. During our partnership the 410bridge has helped Ereri walk through a strategic development plan of empowering the community to recognize the ways in which God has gifted them to fulfill its purpose. It is with great joy that we can report that Ereri is in their last stages of that journey. Because of this, this is allowing us to move on to another community with the hopes of repeating the process. Our next trip in 2020 will be celebratory as we visit Ereri to graduate them out of the program while beginning our partnership with the next community: “Irigithathi”

We will continue to go on trips and host the Daraja Children's Choir in the future. Contact Patrick Smith

(our Student Minister) if you have questions about our 410Bridge Kenya partnership!