D-NOW 2017

Distraction [dih-strak-shuh n]

     1. mental stress or derangement

     2. that which divides the attention or prevents concentration

     3. that which amuses, entertains, or diverts; amusement; entertainment

     4division or disorder caused by dissension; tumult


Who is D-NOW for? 
D-NOW is intended for students currently in grades 6-12.

When is D-NOW?
April 21-23, 2017. Students will arrive to the FLC at 5:30pm and dinner will be provided Friday night. Students will return home after Sunday morning services.

Where will D-NOW take place? 
Throughout the weekend students will be gathering at Cornerstone for sessions, and staying in various host homes. 

What's the cost? 
$40, if registering by April 16, $50 if registering after April 16. (Because T-shirts have to be ordered in advance, those students registering after April 16 are not guaranteed a t-shirt and will be given out as they are available).  Registration deadline is April 20, 2017

What's included in the cost? 
All inclusive (food, housing, transportation, t-shirt, and all activities)

What to bring? 
  • Bible & Pen - phones will not be used during the sessions, so you need a Bible! Don't pack this in your bag because you will need it when you arrive Friday night!
  • Comfortable clothes & shoes for Saturday! We will be doing a lot of active activities so make sure to dress accordingly.  (See Youth Event Dress Code).
  • Clothes for Sunday - we will give you a D-NOW shirt to wear to church!
  • Pajamas!
  • A bag for dirty clothes!
  • Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Deodorant, Shampoo, Soap, etc.!
  • Pillow and sheets or sleeping bag!
  • Towel
  • Snacks for your host home!
  • If you have not paid the registration fee, please bring that with you. If you do not have a 2017 CSM medical release form on file, bring that as well.
Optional Items Student May want to bring:
  • Camera
  • Sunglasses
  • Flashlight
  • Backpack
What NOT to bring?
  • CELL PHONES (See Cell Phone Policy)
  • iPad, iPod, iTouch, Kindle, MP3 player or any other noise-producing/info-gathering/gaming/communication devices!
  • Alcohol, Tobacco, or any other drug!
  • Skateboards, roller skates, or shoes with built in skates.
  • Fireworks or weapons of any kind.

What do students need to attend?

Paid Registration Fees and up-to-date Cornerstone Medical Release form.

Need more info?

For more information or to see if you have a medical release form on file, please call the Student Ministry Office at (336) 665-1944.

SESSION START TIMES (all sessions meet in the FLC)

  • Friday Night (Session 1) @ 7pm
  • Saturday Morning ( Session 2) @ 10am
  • Saturday Night (Session 3) @ 7pm

Registration and Payment

Early Registration Cost $40 if paid before 4/16/17.  Registration Cost $50 if paid after 4/16/17.  Registration Deadline is 4/20/17.

Registration Form