Cornerstone's Student Ministry exists for the purpose of helping students take steps towards a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.


Parents and students, stay connected to what we’re doing through one of our many avenues of communication:

Twitter, Facebook, and text notifications.

In addition, parents, you can stay connected with our weekly Parent Connect email, which keeps you up to speed on what our students are learning and includes important announcements, reminders, and other helpful parent resources such as articles and a monthly parent class.


Outside of the many activities, events, trips, camps, retreats, and hangouts, here are three great ways to get connected with the Cornerstone Student Ministry

on a weekly basis:

Parent Summer Bible Study  

We are kicking off our Parent Summer Bible Study

the Week of June 19th.


For the summer, parents and their students, divided into middle school and high school groups, will be going through the study,

"Read The Bible For Life."


Here is the truth:

The number one predictor of a person's spiritual health is whether or not they read the Bible on a daily basis. 


Here's the sad truth:

16% of churchgoers read the Bible every day and only 37% say that Bible reading and study have made a significant difference in the way they live their life. 


This means that the majority of us aren't reading the Bible as we should, and even when we do, most of us aren't comprehending it in such a way that it actually makes a significant difference in our life.


The goal of this study is to help parents and students grasp the grand story of Scripture as we explore the dynamics of listening, understanding, and responding to God's Word. By studying how to read the Bible and utilize practical guidelines, we all learn to read the Word of God with greater understanding and faithful application to our life.


Will You and Your Student Join Us This Summer as We Seek, Not Just To Learn The Bible Better, But Read it in Such a Way That We Respond to it By How We Live?


For the first week:

  • All rising 6th-8th graders and parents will meet on Monday June 19th 7:00-8:30pm in the prayer room at church. 
  • All rising 9th-Graduates and parents will meet on Tuesday, June 20th 7:00-8:30pm in the prayer room at church. 

(Please enter through the upper commons doors)


Locations and times may vary from week to week depending on the group.


Wednesday iGroups in the FLC from 6:15-7:30pm

Our Wednesday nights are perfect for first time guests. The focus is on building relationships with other teens and each one’s adult leader. iGroups allow for open and honest communication about life, relationships, family, school and all the other things that consume the life of a teenager, but most importantly how Christ applies to it all.


Sundays at 10:10am

Youth meet in FLC

College Students meet at Satellite House,

5720 Inman Road

Sunday Morning Groups focus on learning from God’s Word through the community built in a small group. This is not an opportunity for a teacher to lecture through a lesson but rather guide students in looking to God’s Word for it’s truths and life applications.

Contact Patrick Smith to connect to a group!


If you are looking for a place to go deep in your understanding of God’s Word and help establish spiritual habits, such as Bible reading and scripture memorization, Sunday Night Discipleship is the perfect place. This time of gathering allows students to ask tough theological and philosophical questions to grow in their personal walk with Christ and become better messengers of the gospel.