In person & ONLINE aT 9AM & 10:30am  

5736 Inman RD Greensboro, NC  27410

OFFICE NUMBER: (336) 665-1944

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Gather, Grow, Give, Go

Our church exists to fulfill the mission and vision stated above.

We Gather together to worship God. When we spend time with God by hearing His Word and studying it with His people, we Grow becoming spiritually mature. Spiritual maturity leads us to Give, loving those who are far from God through fellowship and ministry. Fellowship demonstrates love as believers seek to help one another grow in God's love. Ministry takes place when we give to meet people's needs, which shows them God's love. We Go sharing the hope of Jesus through ministry and evangelism. As ministry meets people's needs, it opens the door for sharing the good news of the gospel.

Spiritual maturity is evident when believers Gather, Grow, Give, and Go

because these four activities show they are fully participating in the gospel.