Mission House

The Pauline Hales Mission House was dedicated to serve missionary families at the start of 2019. Pauline was an active member of Cornerstone Baptist Church. The vision for our Mission House Ministry is fueled by her passion and generosity. The house is dedicated to the Lord and meant to serve those who labor for His gospel, but it is also commemorated to Pauline for her work and generosity! 

Our church's goal is to keep the house booked year-round to be a blessing to missionaries. We use the house for SBC missionaries or any who are likeminded. We promote the house through Baptist channels like the International Mission Board.

We desire to keep CBC members engaged in this ministry in two ways:

1) We ask our church members to recommend the house to any missionaries they may know.

2) We ask our members to serve families who stay in the house through hospitality. Our members serve our missionary guests by stocking the pantry and greeting them as they arrive. Our members also bring meals, provide food gift cards, offer to take missionaries out to dinner, or provide fellowship for the missionaries in non-intrusive ways. 

Are you a missionary on furlough or between assignments in need of temporary housing? Do you know a missionary who needs the blessing of a place to stay? Missionaries only pay for the cost of utilities! Download the Mission House Form below to learn more, email us at connect@cornerstonesbc.org with your completed form or questions. You can also call our church office at (336) 665-1944 if you'd like to speak to us about staying at house.

Mission House Form

Are you a church member who would like to be on our mission house greeting team?

Call our church office at (336) 665-1944 and let them know you would like

to be added to our mission team's list of greeting volunteers!