WEE School

W.E.E. stands for Weekday Early Education. Our WEE School is in partnership with all the ministries at Cornerstone and contributes to its mission by providing a weekday program for young children in a Christian environment that will minister to the child, to the parents, and to the community with respect to the child’s physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. 

The staff seeks to fulfill the purpose of WEE School

by striving to meet three essential goals:

1. Provide opportunities for integrating learning based on the child’s individual needs, interests and abilities, which will build important foundations for future academic pursuits.

2. Provide play and learning experiences appropriate to the child’s particular age

and developmental level.

3. Meet the needs of the community for a Christian early childhood education facility and to contribute to the wholesome growth and development of future citizens of our community.

Enrollment for the 2019-2020 WEE School year begins January 29th.

Please contact the WEE School office for class availability

or if you would like a tour of the facilities.

Call: 665-1921 or e-mail at wee.school@cornerstonesbc.org

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Registration Form


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