First Annual Youth Christmas Party Royale

Grab dinner, watch a movie, and compete as a small group all at this year’s Youth Christmas Party. After dinner, students will watch a Christmas movie which will be periodically paused to compete in activities.

Students will compete as their Sunday Morning Small Group.
Any guest will compete with the friend that brought them regardless of gender and grade.

The end of the night will conclude with the small group with the most points competing against themselves for prizes to determine the ultimate 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners.

Teams will earn points in 1 of 3 ways:
Group Collaboration - Each group will determine their team’s theme in advance. Students are to dress up and even decorate their designated area if they chose and will receive points based on creativity and group participation.
Decorated Christmas Treats - In general, every student should bring a snack to share. If students would like their Christmas treat to compete for points they should bring at least a dozen of something (unless bringing something like a cookie cake, pie, or other treat that serves 12+ people).
Small Group Competitions - These are the competitions played throughout the evening during movie breaks.